Roll Camera

In an age of Youtube, Instagram and instant gratification, the video story becomes all that more important. From the beginning, it has always been the mission to express a truth, not just from one perspective but from a humanistic standpoint that resonates from equality, fairness and objectivity. With that in mind, we wake up, drink our coffee and manage our way to a job, a school a desk or a mission. I have always been thankful that my day begins with a mission in mind and that is to tell the story. Salt allows me that freedom, along with other artists who strive to convey in no uncertain terms, a story that will effect others to react. While the reaction is not always positive, the hope is that it will be one that impacts others to become informed, make judgements and bring about positive change. So when the morning alarm sounds, the day starts, the coffee is sipped and the clothes are on, we all have an opportunity to make meaningful change and positive outcomes.It is my sincerest hope that we all have a chance to make a difference.



Dalia Fateh